Meet Dr. Julie Bailey

On Being a Dentist

Dr. Julie Bailey has enjoyed practicing dentistry for over 15 years. She became a dentist in order to provide care for people in pain and to help those who are afraid of dental work. Dr. Bailey enjoys the challenge of everyday procedures and doing them in the most efficient manner.

She was raised in Tallahassee, where she grew up as a patient in the Smiles by Beck practice. After attending college and then practicing dentistry in Jacksonville for many years, she was happy to move back home where she loves being close to family and friends.

Education and Continuing Education

Dr. Bailey has continuously expanded her knowledge of dental topics over the years. She has attended the annual Hinman Dental Meeting for many years and taken courses in occlusion, treatment for the worn dentition, implant treatment and planning, and restorative dentistry. Dr. Bailey is a provider of Invisalign® and loves transforming smiles. She loves learning new techniques and bringing those ideas chairside to create more efficient procedures and better restorations for her patients.

Professional Affiliations

Personal Life

Dr. Bailey loves making memories with her family, whether that's by going to try new restaurants, playing in the pool, or toting the kids to activities. While in her presence she's sure to share stories of life adventures with small kids.

Dr. Bailey enjoys educating her patients about their dental heath & even has pre-dental students shadow her from time to time. She has been a recent guest lecturer at FSU to undergraduates, sharing her love of dentistry & what a healthcare professional offers.

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